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V09 - Rotating spike - For sliding gates

The V09 electric lock is the only extremely high-reliability lock specially designed for use on outdoor, manual or automated sliding gates.

The special spike mechanism will tolerate a thermal expansion in the dimensions of sliding gates of up to 9.6 mm. A thermal expansion of 9.6 mm is the equivalent to a change in temperature of 100° C for a gate which is 8 metres long. Also suitable for manual sliding gates (fitted with a double through cylinder).

Unlike closing systems with padlocks, chains and standard mechanical shackle locks, the V09 lock offers new, more effective levels of security. It is easy to use, has a pleasing appearance, and cannot be attacked from the outside. It is weatherproof. (Read more)

The V09 electric lock, thanks to the specific installation kit, is also ideal on motorized sectional garage doors.

  • Installation:

    horizontal on the fixed upright of the sliding gate.

  • Backset:

    50 mm.

  • Opening impulse time:

    controlled by an electronic board which can be interfaced with gate automation systems

  • Replaceable coil.
  • Voltage:

    12V or 24V A.C. or D.C. (24V recommended)..

  • Case:

    one-piece galvanized steel, with cable entry on the back (for maximum protection) or on the side (opening a prepunched hole).

  • Cover:

    galvanized steel, with automatic security block when the lock is closed.

  • Rotating spike dead-bolt:

    highly impact proof, protected by case-hardened and galvanized steel rotating rings resistant to attack, inserted in NIPOLY nickel-plated steel guides and operated by inox stainless steel springs.

  • Cylinder:

    version suitable for profile half cylinder with length 40 mm (30+10) with DIN or universal cam (item 1.772.9 provided).

  • Mechanism:

    (of the half cylinder provided)

    • brass pins;
    • mushroom brass counterpins, pick-resistant;
    • phosphor bronze pin springs.
  • Striker:

    galvanized steel, easily fitted thanks to the practical lock alignment template.

  • Supplied with:

    galvanized steel striker for horizontal installation (item 7905.217), galvanized steel roof-plate and striker plate, electronic board with possibility of interfacing with gate automation systems, Torx key for cover opening/closing, galvanized steel cylinder support, nylon ring nut and plug, fixing screws.

  • Packaging:

    single box.

  • On request:
    • versions without electronic card, for manual gates not electrified, deductible.
  • All special executions are possible for the cylinder.

V09 - Rotating spike - for sliding gates
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  7905.0600Easy fitting kit
  7905.0600.2Accessories for lock installation on motorized sectional doors
  7905.0610.2Accessories for lock installation on motorized sectional doors + V09
  1.7918.806Security escutcheon

Easy fitting kit containing: columns, fixing plates, spacers and security bolts (kit components can also be supplied individually)

Galvanized steel accessories for installation on motorized sectional doors.

V09 - Rotating spike - for sliding gates

1. Sliding gates are very common installations for controlling access to warehouses, depots and car parks: all places that contain items that are attractive to burglars (e.g. goods and vehicles).

2. These gates are now very common and every year more and more are installed, both automatic and manual.

3. Many are low enough to be easily climbed over by burglars.

4. Every night, burglars open scores of these gates (in fact, all motors of automatic devices must, by law, be easily opened from the inside, to allow exit in the event of an emergency).

5.It is essential therefore that, even if the motor is unblocked, the burglars cannot open the gate and use vehicles to carry out the burglary.