Electric locks and strikes

V06 - Universal - Rotating dead-bolt - With service and security function

V06 electric lock is suitable for inside or outside manual or automatic doors and pedestrian or drive-through gates and is interchangeable with the V96 electric locks. It is standard supplied with the service function and, by simply removing an internal part, can get the security function. Its small size and the floor striker provided make it ideal for vertical installation on narrow frames.

  • Installation:

    vertical or horizontal.

  • Backset:

    70 mm.

  • Functions:
    • service (standard):the lock opens with the electric impulse and only resets once the door/gate has been opened and then closed. It is therefore suitable for use with doorclosers and/or all types of automation systems.
    • security (selected by manually removing an internal part): the lock opens only when electric impulse and manual or automatic pressure are applied simultaneously. It is therefore not advisable to use it with a doorcloser and/or unsuitable automation systems.
  • Double replaceable coil:

    which distributes the load uniformly and ensures a long working life.

  • Voltage:

    standard 12V AC (on request 12V DC; 24V AC or DC).

  • Case:

    one-piece steel (completely galvanized or anthracite metallic painted on galvanized base).

  • Cover:

    steel (completely galvanized or anthracite metallic painted on galvanized base).

  • Rotating dead-bolt

    solid brass, with nylon insert which makes the locking more silent.

  • Cylinder:

    set up for double or half profile cylinders (not provided).

  • Floor striker

    galvanized steel, to be cemented to the ground or welded to the lower frame of the gate.

  • Supplied with:

    floor striker (item 9986) [for horizontal installation, order the specific optional galvanized steel striker (item 7912.117.217)], nylon ring nut and plug, passivated steel support for profile cylinder and fixing screws.

  • Packaging:

    single box.

  • On request:
    • for vertical installation: galvanized steel roof-plate (item 9989);
    • for horizontal installation: galvanized steel roof-plate and striker plate (item 9990);
  • N.B. profile cylinder not provided

V06 Universal - Rotating dead-bolt - double function

DrawingsDescriptionUnit weight



  1.7918__logo__17918__With floor striker1275
  1.7918.V.469__logo__17918V469__With floor striker - anthracite metallic painted1290
  1.7918.H.217__logo__17918H217__With striker for horizontal installation1200
  1.7918.H.469__logo__17918H469__With striker for horizontal installation - anthracite metallic painted1200
  1.7918.469__logo__17918469__With nylon handle and striker for horizontal installation - anthracite metallic painted1370

700, 900, NEW EURO-PRO and Viro PALLADIUM series can be used for double and half cylinders.


DrawingsDescriptionUnit weight



  1.7918.0600__logo__179180600__*Pedestrian gates installation kit1030
  1.7918.0600.469__logo__179180600469__*Pedestrian gates installation kit anthracite metallic painted1030
  1.7918.0600.1__logo__1791806001__Accessories for installation on motorized up and over doors2990
  1.7918.0600.2__logo__1791806002__Accessories pair for installation on motorized up and over doors5745
  1.7918.0610.1__logo__179186101__Accessories for electric lock installation on motorized up and over doors + V064265
  1.7918.0610.2__logo__179186102__Accessories pair for installing a pair of locks on motorised up-and-over doors + 2 V067020
  1.7918.0806__logo__17918806__Security escutcheon300
  1.7918.0850__logo__17918850__**Optional power supply kit1160

*Kit for installation on doors and pedestrian gates item 1.7918.0600 consisting of: nylon handle, striker for horizontal installation, roof-plate, striker plate and fixing screws.

**Kit to make the electrical connection as easy as possible, in combination with motors for up and over doors without direct power supply control, kit consisting of: transformer, timer, magnetic thermal switch, fuse holder with fuse and closing plate.