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Rectangular Padlock suitable for half cylinder

This strong Viro 60 mm padlock is designed for use with any 40 mm profile half cylinder. Easy to fit/substitute half cylinder, with the padlock open, it provides the maximum flexibility for: independently making a system with the same key or a master key; changing the bitting and the keys; keying cylinders and padlocks together easily; controlling access (e.g. using the patented profile half cylinders item 1.772.PV or item 1.772.PB).

  • Body:

    satin brass with rounded anti-abrasion edges. Support with profiled slot for inserting and fixing the half cylinder (with the grub screw supplied).

  • Shackle:

    case-hardened and tempered steel for high resistance to attack; copper, nickel and chrome-plated for high corrosion resistance.

  • Mechanism:
    • spring-loaded dead-bolt;
    • set up for use with any 40 mm (30+10) long, European profile, half cylinder with universal or 30° DIN cam;
    • fixing (with the screw supplied) the support with the half cylinder to the padlock through the hook bolt hole (the half cylinder can only be changed with the padlock open);
    • key removable in locked and unlocked position;
    • 2 spring-loaded brass latches;
    • inox stainless steel latch springs;
    • inox stainless steel shackle spring.
  • Packaging:

    Personalized single box.

  • Supplied with:
    • grub screw for fixing the half cylinder to the support;
    • Allen key for locking the grub screw.
  • On request:
    • versions with long shackle clearance 64-35 mm or 90-35 mm;

    (all special executions of the items listed above are possible; patented profile versions .PV or .PB are also available for items 1.772 and 880.30.10).

  • All special executions are possible.

    Patented profile versions .PV or .PB

Rectangular Padlock suitable for half cylinder

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