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VAN LOCK COMPACT - Fastening unit - For vans

The very compact dimensions and the high ease of installation identify this innovative solution which is practical and perfect for all types of vans.

  • Body:

    zamak one-piece.

  • Anchor plate:

    made of zamak alloy, it is fixed to the hinged door (rear doors) or to the side sliding door of the loading compartment with 2 inox stainless steel bolts and 2 rivets (supplied).

  • Outer cover:

    made of electropolished inox stainless steel, without edges. It is fixed inside the loading compartment with 2 inox stainless steel screws (supplied).

  • Dead-bolt:

    inox stainless steel.

  • Striker:

    box shaped, 2.5 mm thick case-hardened, tempered and galvanised steel with a special anticorrosion treatment.

  • Cylinder:

    5 pins brass cylinder, protected by a 1.5 mm thick tempered and satin-finish AISI 420B inox stainless steel rotating anti-drill and anti-burglary plate.

  • Keys:

    supplied with 2 Viro Top Security profile nickel-plated brass keys, coated with non-slip nylon ergonomic grip.

  • Mechanism:
    • spring-loaded lock-bolt made of stainless steel;
    • locks automatically (without using the key) by pushing the second closing door against the first, or closing the side sliding door;
    • possibility to keep the VAN LOCK COMPACT "always open", if required;
    • brass pins;
    • inox stainless steel pin springs;
    • inox stainless steel dead-bolt springs;
    • lock protected by weather proof cap;
    • device for emergency unlocking from the inside (practically impossible to grip from the outside with burglary tools) if the operator remains accidentally closed in the loading compartment.
  • Supplied with:
    • striker;
    • inox stainless steel screws, bolts, washers and rivets;
    • adhesive drilling template;
    • inox stainless steel and nylon shims (which can also be ordered separately) to compensate any misalignment between the doors;
    • scratch-proof rubber seal.
  • Packaging:

    single box.

  • On request:

    compact counter displays which clearly illustrate the installation of the VAN LOCK COMPACT on vans (item 4212.0601).

  • All special executions are possible for the cylinder.


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  4212VAN LOCK COMPACT03211701
  4212.4212KA VAN LOCK COMPACT pair03222501
  4212.0601VAN LOCK COMPACT display03278001
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  4212.0463.4Shims kit-1351
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