Oval security escutcheons - For SPRANGA UNIVERSAL locking bar and/or all mortise door locks

The Viro security escutcheons (809 series) are compact, easy-to-fit and good to look at, too. They are also suitable for narrow profiles. Fitted to the SPRANGHE UNIVERSALI locking bars they provide a practical solution for making any type of profile cylinder pull-resistant and drill-resistant.

  • Escutcheon:

    solid, chrome-plated or brass-plated steel. 5 mm adjustment to fit the cylinder projection.In the electronic UNIVERSAL SPRANGA locking bars the escutcheon has a built-in warning LED.

  • Rotating plate:

    burglar and drill-resistant, case-hardened, tempered, copper, nickel and chrome-plated steel.Plate to suit almost any profile and key shape.

  • Internal cylinder escutcheon:

    for profile cylinders with aesthetic function (satin brass for brass-plated escutcheon; nickel-plated brass for chromed escutcheon).

  • Fitting:
    • on "Universal Spranga" locking bar, using two inox stainless steel screws, metric pitch (supplied) for doors with max. thickness of 70 mm;
    • on mortise door locks, using a contrast plate, fixed with two screws to a fixing plate, inserted in the lock housing on the door (unlike the traditional safety escutcheon there is no need to drill right through the thickness of the door to fix it in position).
  • Compatible:

    with all the 4008 series SPRANGA UNIVERSALE locking bars and all mortise door locks of the series: 7435, 7438 and also mortise locks without DIN holes.

  • Packaging:

    single box.

Security escutcheons for SPRANGA UNIVERSAL locking bar and/or mortise door locks

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