Electric locks and strikes

V97 - Adjustable backset from 50 to 80 mm

The V97 electric locks are suitable for outside and inside doors and pedestrian gates and are interchangeable with the most common electric locks already installed, often maintaining the old striker.These V97 electric locks were specially designed for inside and outside doors and pedestrian gates that open outwards. This is necessary when safety regulations foresee an outward-opening escape route in the event of an emergency. he characteristics and finish make the anthracite metallic painted versions ideal for inside wooden doors; the galvanized versions are best for outside metal doors and gates, even in surroundings subject to considerable temperature ranges.

  • Installation:


  • Backset:

    adjustable from 50 to 80 mm, with a simple operation using the Allen key provided.

  • Double replaceable coil:

    which distributes the load uniformly and ensures a long working life.

  • Voltage:

    standard 12V AC (on request 12V DC; 24V AC or DC).

  • Case:

    one-piece galvanized steel.

  • Cover:

    galvanized steel.

  • Handle:

    nylon, like the cylinder ring nut.

  • Latch:

    solid brass, self-locking with the device locked.

  • Ejector:

    nickel-plated steel, separate from the latch to ensure the correct working of the lock even if there is vertical adjustment between the lock and the striker (caused by weather changes).

  • Cylinders:

    solid brass, fixed internal, fixed external.

  • Keys:

    supplied with 3 Viro profile nickel (item. 015) plated brass keys.

    __logo__un__  Versions available with universal profile keys to replace the most common locks already installed with no need to withdraw keys in use. Universal profile Cylinders can be re-keyed with keying kit

  • Mechanism:
    • brass pins;
    • mushroom brass counterpins, pick-resistant;
    • phosphor bronze pin springs.
  • Striker:

    steel, adjustable height to compensate for any vertical adjustment between the lock and the striker. Self-lubricating nylon support in contact with the ejector.

  • Supplied with:

    galvanized steel striker, galvanized steel roof-plate and striker plate (item 8992.0600), Allen key for backset adjustment and fixing screws.

  • Packaging:

    single box.

  • On request:

    __logo__antracite_catalogo__  Available anthracite metallic painted versions, the item code should be followed by .469

  •  Special visual packs.

    All special executions are possible.

V97 - FULLY GALVANIZED VERSIONS OR ANTHRACITE METALLIC PAINTED WITH GALVANIZED BASE with galvanized (item 8992.0600) or anthracite metallic painted (item 8992.0600.469) steel roof-plate and striker plate.

DescriptionAdjustable backset

Lock dimensions

Internal cylinder (fixed)External cylinder (fixed)Unit weight








__logo__un____logo__antracite_catalogo__  8992.1right50 ÷ 80127,5 x 103,57917942165
__logo__un____logo__antracite_catalogo__  8992.2left50 ÷ 80127,5 x 103,57917942165

__logo__un__ For versions with universal profile key the item code should be followed by .UN

__logo__antracite_catalogo__ For anthracite metallic painted versions, the item code should be followed by .469