Electric locks and strikes

Electric strikes Short front plate

The Viro electric strikes can be used with all mortise door locks, even those already installed. If the striker is replaced with an electric strike, the lock can be used as a normal electric lock. Thanks to the symmetry of the latch housing, the strikes with straight front plates are perfectly reversible, without modifying the recess in the door jamb, and can be immediately used on both right and left-hand doors; angular strikes are specific for right-hand doors or left-hand doors.

  • Installation:

    vertical in the door jamb.

  • Latch housing depth:

    7 mm.

  • Functions:

    (alternatives according to the selected code):

    • fail secure with single pulse: once the electric impulse is transmitted, the strike is ready for opening. It will only reset after the door has been opened and then closed; it is therefore suitable for use with doorclosers and/or automation systems;
    • fail secure with continuous pulse: the lock opens only when electric impulse and manual or automatic pressure are applied simultaneously. It is therefore not advisable to use it with a doorcloser and/or unsuitable automation systems;
    • fail safe: if there is a power failure, the electric strike unblocks itself (only the versions with long straight front plate are coded, other versions are supplied on request as special executions).
  • Coil:

    power supply on impulse (fail secure); or always powered (fail safe).

  • Power supply:

    standard 8-12V AC with absorption 620 mA or 8-12V DC  with absorption 860 mA, on request 12V DC with absorption 230 mA. The fail safe versions can only be powered at 12V DC. with absorption 230 mA.

  • Frame:

    galvanized steel and zamak.

  • Front plate:

    straight or angular, brass- or nickel-plated steel.

  • Latch housing:

    adjustable 3 mm latch retainer, resistant to pressure caused by the door seals.

  • "Dogging device" lever:

    possibility to manually keep the lock always open, if required (only for fail secure versions).

  • Packaging:

    single box.

  • On request:

    fail secure versions without "dogging device": closure of the latch housing cannot be deactivated and unlocks only with electric impulse; items with inox stainless steel short and long straight front plate (add the code .57 after the item code).

SHORT FRONT PLATE - reversible symmetric strike

DescriptionUnit weight



  7755.10Single pulse265
  7756.10Continuous pulse265

FINISHES: Polished brass-plated steel - Code: .46 Polished nickel-plated steel - Code: .78 Add the required finish code (.46 or .78) to the item code E.g. 7755.10.46= Electric strike with short front plate and single pulse, polished brass-plated steel.