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.PV Profile Keys (for Viro Authorized Centres only)

Example of coded ownership card to allow duplication of Viro patented profile keys (form trademark).

  • Versions with patented profile keys (form trademark) can only be duplicated by Viro Authorized Centres (.PV profile).

    To request one or more duplicates:

    • go to a Viro authorized centre for key duplication;
    • show a key and the coded ownership card that was provided in a sealed envelope with the keys;
    • give your name and address (providing your identity document number);
    • the Authorized Centre personnel will duplicate the keys and give them to the owner.

    ITEMS 013.PV, 015.PV , 017.PV , 039.PV, 039.A.PV (form trademark) 

    ITEMS 065.PV (form trademark) 


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