Safes and safety cabinets

Safety cabinet - With dimple key cylinder and armoured with security escutcheon - Gun cabinets

The 4434 series cabinets are activated by a half profile cylinder, protected by a security escutcheon and replaceable with a simple operation (for example, in order to fit a cylinder that allows the cabinet to be opened with the same key as the door of the room in which the cabinet is kept).

  • Case:

    1.5 mm thick steel in compliance with UNI EN 10130 standard. Rounded edges to avoid abrasion. 2 through holes, Ø 10 mm, on the rear for fixing to the wall with expansion plugs.

  • Door:

    2 mm thick steel, rebated on three sides, protected on the hinge side for pull-resistance. Door back cover 2 mm thick steel.

  • Hinges:

    Ø 14 mm steel, fixed with Ø 7 mm steel pins.

  • Dead-bolts:

    nickel-plated steel, rotating, resistant to attack: 2 horizontal Ø 22 mm and 2 vertical Ø 22 mm.

  • Keys:

    supplied with 5 dimple and reversible nickel-plated brass keys (that don't ruin your pockets and can be inserted either way up), in a sealed envelope with the ownership card (item 063.A).

  • Mechanism:
    • keys removable only when the door is closed;
    • lock controlled by NEW EURO-PRO half cylinder (length 50+10=60 mm with DIN 30° cam), easily replaceable.
    • cylinder protected by solid carbonitrided and chrome-plated steel security escutcheon and rotating anti-drill case-hardened, tempered, copper, nickel and chrome-plated steel plate, resistant to attack. 5 mm adjustment to fit the cylinder projection.
  • Supplied with:

    high density scratch-proof polyethylene gun housing and rack.

  • Packaging:

    single box.

  • On request:

     (photos and details of the accessories):

    • inside lighting module (item 1.4383.0312) that lights up when the safety box is opened, for easy identification of small items inside;
    • digital weather station (item 4450.0315) for weather forecasts and lunar calendar.
Mechanical Gun cabinets with dimple key cylinder and armoured with security escutcheon

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  4434.T55 Gun housings150 x 27 x 29131 x 26,7 x 23,735,30,14