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Fai by Viro key box - With variable combination lock

This wall-mounted key box has been designed to store keys near the place of use, outside a property. Ideal for emergency entrances of industrial areas; for the delivery or storage of holiday house keys (B&B and short-term rooms to rent) without needing the owner on site; for isolated fenced areas without surveillance; or for storing your vehicle spare key in the garage.

  • Structure:

    black painted die-cast zamak.

  • Door:

    grey painted die-cast zamak (items 4259-4259.S.7-4259.7),

    black painted die-cast zamak (item 4259.L.7).

  • Dead-bolt:

    sliding, 5 mm thick zamak.

  • Mechanism:
    • combination lock protection, against weather agents (Except item 4259.S.7);
    • 4 discs with release lever (Except item 4259.S.7);
    • 10000 possible combinations;
    • 90° degrees door opening downwards;
    • sufficient inner space to contain a set of keys.
  • Supplied with:
    • wall-fixing screws and plugs;
    • 110 mm long screws for installation on the front door instead of the peephole (Except item 4259.S.7);
    • installation and operation note with drilling template.
  • Packaging:
    • in a single box (item 4259);
    • single "double blister pack" (items 4259.S.7-4259.7-4259.L.7).
  • Special visual packs.

Fai by Viro key box - with variable combination

FinishExternal dimensions

Useful internal dimensionsUnit weightPcs. per pack


A x B x C


A x B x C




  4259Black/grey120 x 87 x 4090 x 63 x 305301
  4259.7Black/grey120 x 87 x 4090 x 63 x 305305
  4259.S.7Black/grey94,5 x 79 x 4076 x 55 x 283005
  4259.L.7Black135 x 100 x 65107 x 73 x 547655