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COMPACT - Safety cabinets - Electronic - Gun cabinets

In addition to all the advantages of the COMPACT series, these electronic gun cabinets do not require the use of keys and are therefore ideal when it is necessary to prevent people (e.g. children) from having access, even accidental, to the weapons.

  • Case:

    1.5 mm thick steel in compliance with UNI EN 10130 standard. Rounded edges to avoid abrasion. 2 through holes, Ø 10 mm, on the rear for fixing to the wall with expansion plugs.

  • Door:

    2 mm thick steel, rebated on three sides, protected on the hinge side for pull-resistance. Door back cover 2 mm thick steel.

  • Hinges:

    Ø 14 mm steel, fixed with Ø 7 mm steel pins.

  • Dead-bolts:

    nickel-plated steel, rotating, resistant to attack: 2 horizontal Ø 22 mm and 2 vertical Ø 22 mm.

  • Thumb turn:

    non-slip ABS with programmed breakage steel shaft: if forced, the thumb turn will break but not the mechanism, leaving no space for access by burglary tools.

  • Mechanism:
    • steel internal components, without plastic parts, to ensure maximum resistance to attack;
    • electromagnet (activator) protected by a steel plate;
    • open/close control microswitch of the door;
    • ADA compatible keypad with Braille markings and acoustic confirmation (sightless people are able to recognize the exact layout of the keys and their activation);
    • the layout of the keys limits typing errors;
    • emergency cylinder protected by a tempered and nickel-plated steel plate; supplied with 2 disc keys for emergency opening (item 052), in a sealed envelope.
  • Power supply:

    low consumption technology (4 alkaline 1.5 Volt batteries) to extend battery life to a maximum (up to 10,000 operations with the same set of batteries).

  • Electronic board :

    protected against break-in attempts by high voltage electric shocks and against incorrectly inserted batteries (the electronic boards of most cabinets on the market are seriously damaged by incorrect battery insertion).

  • Connectors:

    optimized number to maximize board reliability.

  • Non-volatile memory:

    stored code is not erased if the batteries are removed.

  • Indicator LEDs:

    2 green LEDs (OK = correct operation; NEW CODE = new code entry) and 2 red LEDs (ERROR = incorrect operation; BATTERY = battery low).

  • Combinations:

    accepts codes from 3 to 8 digits (100 million possible combinations). The code can only be changed when the door is open, using the C key on the keypad.

  • Supplied with:

    high density scratch-proof polyethylene gun housing and rack.

  • Packaging:

    single box.

  • On request:

     (photos and details of the accessories):

    • inside lighting module (item 1.4383.0312) that lights up when the safety box is opened, for easy identification of small items inside;
    • digital weather station (item 4450.0315) for weather forecasts and lunar calendar.
COMPACT - gun cabinets - with electronic combination lock

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  4440.T55 Gun housings150 x 27 x 29131 x 26,7 x 23,736,50,14
  4440.T1010 Gun housings150 x 53,6 x 38131 x 53,3 x 32,765,70,21