Roller shutter and up and over door locks

Locks for up and over doors with symmetric profile key

  • Structure and internal components:

    galvanized steel.

  • Dead-bolt:

    3 mm thick steel. Projection 24 mm.

  • Cylinder:

    solid brass

    • 9 mm projection for thick and heavy up and over doors;
    • 6 mm projection for thinner and lighter up and over doors.
  • Keys:

    supplied with 2 symmetric profile nickel-plated brass keys; operating from both outside and inside.

  • Mechanism:
    • 67 mm centre distance.;
    • dead-bolt operated by inside and outside handle;
    • 8 mm handle hole. Sintered steel handle hole cam;
    • opening from the inside with a rounded lever, particularly difficult to force from the outside with burglary tools;
    • brass pins;
    • mushroom brass counterpins, pick-resistant;
    • phosphor bronze pin springs..
  • Supplied with:

    loose pin and non-threaded pin hole.

  • Packaging:

    single packs, in polyethylene bags, in 2 piece boxes.

  • On request:

    special version with straight dead-bolt with M6 threaded pin hole (.95).

    (photos and details of the accessories)

  • All special executions are possible for the cylinder.

Locks for up and over doors with symmetric profile key


Case height

CylinderUnit weightPcs. per pack



A x B






  8235.66 mm cylinder projection (S)155 x 5515739.64752
  8235.99 mm cylinder projection (S)155 x 5515739.95052

For special versions, add the version code to the item code. E.g. 8235.6.95 = Lock with 6 mm cylinder projection, straight dead-bolt with M6 threaded pin hole.