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Roller shutter and up and over door locks

1.8270 series with security escutcheon and suitable for profile cylinder

The 1.8270 series locks are interchangeable with the most common roller shutter locks already installed, by simply enlarging the cylinder hole to house the security escutcheon. Thanks to the reinforced case and mechanism, to the external protection plate with welded pins (invisible from the outside), the pull-resistant escutcheon, firmly anchored inside the lock and the drill-resistant rotating plate, these locks are the ideal solution to combine maximum burglar resistance with great flexibility in cylinder choice. they can also be vertically installed, for example on metal doors, and , using a double entry function cylinder, can be connected to a system electronic remote control.

  • Structure and internal components:

    galvanized steel, thicker (2 mm) than normal roller shutter locks. Fixing hole distances identical to the 8230, 8270 series and the most common roller shutter locks on the market.

  • External protection plate:

    2.5 mm thick galvanized steel, with 4 threaded pins M6x70 mm welded on the inside (so that the fixing points are invisible from outside) for fixing the lock.

  • Solid dead-bolts:

    consisting of galvanized steel laminated plates, total thickness 6,5 mm, total projection 24 mm.

  • Security escutcheon:

    case-hardened, tempered, copper and nickel steel, with burglar and drill-resistant rotating plate, case-hardened, tempered, copper and nickel steel, 7 mm thick.

  • Mechanism:
    • central version with double dead‑bolt and side versions with single dead‑bolt;
    • suitable for double or half profile cylinder, with DIN 30° cam or universaloutside min. 30 mm.
    • any attempt to force the rods fitted to the dead-bolts is countered by the internal mechanism;
    • dead-bolts activated by a single full turn of the key;
    • also vertically installable, for example on metal doors (with a maximum 40mm thickness) using the nylon spacers and screws supplied.
  • Supplied with:
    • loose pins;
    • nickel-plated brass cover with aesthetic function covering the security escutcheon;
    • galvanized steel grub screw for fixing the cylinder on the support and relative Allen key;
    • escutcheon fixing screws from inside the lock case (2 M6x30 mm screws and relative nylon spacers for installation on shutters and 2 M6x50 mm screws and adjusting nylon spacers for vertical installation on metal doors 40 mm max thickness );
    • installation note with drilling template.
  • Packaging:

    single box.

  • On request:
    • accessory for the creation, with core drill, of the hole for the security escutcheon (item 8271.0600). This accessory is usable for installing the most common security rivets suitable for profile cylinder;
    • practical and easily portable merchandiser (item 1.8271.0601.1) that can be hooked to the wall; available base (item 1.8271.0602.1) to place the merchandiser on counter;;
    • versions supplied with 40 mm (30+10) nickel-plated half cylinder or with pair of nickel-plated KA half cylinders (the item code should be followed by .1.772.9).
  • N.B. profile cylinder not provided

1.8270 series with security escutcheon and suitable for profile cylinder


Case heightUnit weightPcs. per pack






  1.8271Central160 x 602012501
  1.8272Right side160 x 602011501
  1.8273Left side160 x 602011501
  1.8272.8273Pair160 x 602022001

For special versions, add the version code to the item code.
E.g. 1.8272.8272.1.772.9 = Pair of side locks with pair of nickel-plated KA half cylinders.


DescriptionDimensionsUnit weightPcs. per pack





  8271.0600Drilling accessory-1701
  1.8271.0601.11.8271 armoured lock merchandiser435 x 44544001
  8271.0602.1Base for vertical application of portable displays-12501
  1.772.772.9KA half cylinders pair-2601