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Inox stainless steel PANZER Armoured Padlocks

The new inox stainless steel armoured padlocks combine the known and appreciated characteristics of security and reliability of the Viro PANZER with a very high degree of corrosion resistance, making them ideal for securing goods, even of considerable value, kept in environments subject to aggressive weather conditions, such as seaside warehouses, transport containers, fuel dispensing pumps, etc.

  • Body:

    solid forged brass one-piece body padlock.

  • Main armour:

    3 mm thick satin-finish AISI 304 inox stainless steel.

  • Side armours:

    1.5 mm thick satin-finish AISI 304 inox stainless steel.

  • Dead-bolt:

    satin-finish AISI 316 inox stainless steel, rotating resistant to attack dead-bolt. Grip with programmed breakage dead-bolt head, to prevent the bolt being pulled out.

  • Safety plug:

    Safety plug:7 pin plug, pull-resistant, with case-hardened, tempered, copper, nickel and chrome plated steel anti-drill plate (items 4116, 4117 and 4126).

  • Keys:

    supplied with 3 Viro Top Security profile nickel-plated brass keys.

    __logo__pvpb_chiave__  Versions available with patented profile keys (form trademark) which can only be duplicated by Viro (.PB profile) or versions which can be duplicated only by Viro authorized centres (.PV profile).

  • Mechanism:
    • ball type locking;
    • key retaining;
    • brass pins;
    • mushroom brass counterpins, pick-resistant;
    • inox stainless steel (AISI 316) latches;
    • inox stainless steel pin springs;
    • inox stainless steel latch spring.
  • Packaging:

    single box visual pack.

  • All special executions are possible.

Inox stainless steel PANZER Armoured Padlocks

Body dimensionsHorizontal and vertical clearance

Dead-bolt diameter

KeysUnit weightPcs. per pack



A x B x E


F x C






__logo__pvpb__  4117.X86 x 72 x 2936 x 20120397901

__logo__pvpb__ For versions with patented profile keys the item code should be followed by: .PV or .PB