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VIRO series doorclosers - Rack and pinion

VIRO series doorclosers are adjustable strength and therefore suitable for wooden or metal doors (right and lefthand) of different widths and weight and can be installed either on the door (standard installation) or on the door jamb (reverse installation).

  • Body:

    one-piece painted pressure-cast aluminium Standard colours: grey or black.

  • Arm:

    steel, adjustable length, allowing a stroke of 80 mm.

  • Regulating valves:

    for closing speed and latching speed. The valves can be easily reached from the outside, with doorcloser already installed. Overload relief internal valve.

  • Mechanism:
    • hydraulic operation, does not require periodic oil change. No maintenance required;
    • in the adjustable hold open version, the controlled swing arm allows hold open in any door position, by means of an external device, in order to adapt to any type of installation. Opening angle can be changed as required;
    • adjustable strength versions: .13.
  • Supplied with:
    • adjustment kit for replacing the most common doorclosers with the Viro doorclosers (128 series) without having to change pre-existing holes. Consists of: 5 mm thick steel fixing plate; 4 screws for securing the VIRO doorcloser to the fixing plate.
    • 2 installation templates for standard or top jamb application, for right-hand or left-hand doors; bag of screws (metric-thread screws for metal doors and self-tapping screws for wooden doors) same colour as door closer.
  • Packaging:

    single box.

VIRO series doorclosers

Body dimensions mmFixing hole distances Horiz. mm

Fixing hole distances Vert. mm

Unit weight


Color and versionFor doors Max widthFor doors Max weight


A x B x C





kg x 44,5 x 722061925602-3-4 adj. strengthBlack non hold open11085 x 44,5 x 722061925602-3-4 adj. strengthGrey non hold open11085 x 44,5 x 722061927402-3-4 adj. strengthBlack adjustable hold open11085 x 44,5 x 722061927402-3-4 adj. strengthGrey adjustable hold open11085