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Best Bike Locks: Top 3 Anti-Theft Systems

In today’s blog we will try to answer one of the questions most frequently asked by users about the products of the Viro 2Ruote range: “What is the top of the range for bike security?”...



New “EAGLE” for Shutters: the most practical and securest solution!

The new EAGLE fastening unit was launched among the novelties of 2022-2023: a practical and ideal solution to reinforce and protect the shutters of shops and premises in general.

All the main components, including the body, lock-bolt, rings, springs and internal pins, are made of STAINLESS steel in order to better withstand moisture and ensure a long life for the product and for your shutter...



VIRO joins DOM Security

We are pleased to inform you that, on 9 March 2023, VIRO became part of DOM Security, the branch dedicated to the security, of the French industrial SFPI Group (Safety for People and Industry), operating in Europe since 1985 and with a total turnover of more than 600 million euros.

The operation, which was finalized with the acquisition of 100% of the shares, was carried out by DOM Security and its Italian subsidiary DOM CR...



Van Lock Compact: much more than a padlock, to protect your van

Are you looking for a way to make your agile transport vehicle more secure without having to remove and replace a padlock after each opening? 

Discover the 3 strongpoints of the new Van Lock Compact fastening unit, which is ideal for small-medium vehicles and the “brother” of the well-known Van Lock (which is more suitable for medium-large vans and, with the relative accessory item 4222.2035, also for trucks)...



Automatic gates without rebate – how to close them effectively?

One of the main risks of automatic gates without a rebate is that a thief can take advantage of the usual mechanical clearance between the leaves and, by pushing or pulling them with sudden and violent movements, the normal electric locks can become ineffective (in these cases, in fact, there is the risk of the bolt and striker separating)...