Electronic motorized safe with display item 4845

    • All steel construction without plastic parts. Reinforced door, 6 mm thick
    • Scratch proof painting and shock-proof internal carpet
    • Suitable dimensions for A4 format
    • Motorized opening and closing, with closing code technology. Door opening is automatic
    • Controlled door opening: after the opening confirmation is given, the door automatically opens with a spread of 2 cm, without hitting the furniture shutter or user's hands
    • The open/close control sensor of the door is optical and not mechanical. Therefore, it is not subject to mechanical wear and  it cannot be tampered through break-in attempts
    • Low consumption, protected electronics
    • High brightness alphanumerical display
    • ADA compliant keypad with Braille marking and acoustic confirmation
    • Flat battery audio-visual warning and battery charge % level on display
    • Hierarchical Master Codes System up to 6 levels with General Management Passepartout
    • When electronic keys are supplied (on request) Master Codes are stored in the key and not in the safe memory
    • Non-volatile memory: stored codes are not erased when batteries are removed
    • Audit trail of the last 150 operations, protected by password with print option
    • Micro switch controlling the actual door closing grants maximum reliability of audit trail opening/closing information
    • Electronic block of 7 minutes after 5 consecutive wrong attempts
    • Mechanical emergency opening
    • Easy and secure fastening method with dowels (provided): 2 holes on rear and 2 on bottom
    • Alkaline batteries included
  • On request:

     (photos and details of the accessories):

    • Activating kit for rentig option
    • 220 V converter for power supply option
    • Recharging kit for laptops and mobile phones
    • Hand-held printer for audit trail print
    • Electronic security key with enabling function and ONE SHOT opening (temporary Master Code for one opening only)
  • __logo__pass_direzionale__ General Management Passepartout

    General Management Passepartout and Hierarchical Master Codes System up to 6 levels. Allows an easy, fast and independent management of the different hotel floors. Safety is granted even when several staff members are allowed to open the safes with Master Code. This is because it is always possible to univocally identify who opens the safe by their personal code.

  • __logo__chiavi_el_sicurezza__ Electronic Security Keys

    Exclusive Electronic Security Keys with Random Algorithm System technology combined with the operators' Master Codes, grant maximum security in case of staff-replacement.

  • __logo__abilitaz_codici__ Enabling Master Codes

    Viro exclusive system of enabling Master Codes based on Electronic Keys and ENABLING SAFE with ONE SHOT technology. Thanks to the electronic key, it is possible to duplicate the Master Codes for an easy and secure directional management. The Enabling Safe generates the Master Codes and enables the Electronic Keys for a only one emergency opening to be done within a defined time. The electronic keys can be immediately deleted from the system: to loose electronic keys will not be a problem anymore and it will not be necessary to reprogram all safes.

  • __logo__archivio_storico__ Audit trail

    Audit trail of the last 150 operations, protected by password. Last opening/closing, all stored codes and break-in attempts are registered in a special non-volatile memory and can be visualized on the display. To supply the guest with a document certifying effected operations, it will be possible to print the audit trail by means of the external hand-held printer (optional). A special electronic block (of 10 minutes) is automatically activated after 15 operations done in 5 minutes to prevent any attempt to cancel suspicious action by making a great number of operations after the one to delete. Thanks to the electronic control also emergency mechanical opening is recorded in the audit trail.

  • __logo__apertura_controllata__ Controlled Door Opening

    Controlled door opening: after the opening confirmation is given, the door automatically opens with a spread of 2 cm. This mechanism allows to leave the door open without hurting the shutter of the furniture where the safe is installed. Furthermore, door and door back cover including the mechanism are easily replaceable.

  • __logo__elettronica_basso_consumo__ Alkaline batteries included

    Low consumption electronics working with 4 x 1.5 V alkaline batteries (less expensive than 1 x 9 V battery) combined with an optimized mechanics reducing frictions, allows to economize on the safes maintenance (over 10.000 operations with the same set of batteries!)

  • __logo__scheda_elettronica_protetta__ Electronic Board Protected

    Electronic board protectet against break-in attempts by high voltage electric shocks on the keypad. Micro-controller reprogrammable for software updates.

  • __logo__speciali_battute__ Specially Rebated

    Specially rebated around the entire frame perimeter for greater resistance to attack.

  • __logo__speciali_cerniere_esagonali__ Special Hexagonal Hinges

    Special hexagonal hinges offer a wider welding surface, granting a better pull-resistance. ANCHORING SCREWS AND DOWELS INCLUDED.




Unit of measure



  4845External dimensions H x W x Dmm170 x 390 x 285
   Internal dimensions H x W x Dmm163 x 386 x 235
   Door opening H x Wmm120 x 316
   Door thicknessmm6
   Packaging VolumeLt.25,7
   Unit weightkg11
   Standard colour__logo__colore_ral_5011__Blue RAL5011/structured
Optional colours




White Ral 9003/structured

   __logo__colore_ral_7040__Grey - Ral 7040/structured
   __logo__colore_ral_9005__Black Ral 9005/structured
   __logo__colore_ral_7024__Grey Ral 7024/structured