Rim door locks, SPRANGA, doorclosers, panic devices and cylinders

SPRANGA fixed locking bar

Viro locking bars provide excellent protection and can be installed on standard doors to make them almost totally attack- resistant.

  • Case:

    consists of 3 mm thick bronze colour painted steel external cover, bent into a U shape, and 1.5 mm thick steel cover. 3 mm thick steel heads welded to the cover to further increase safety.

  • Dead-bolts:

    35x10 mm solid steel with no joints. Single throw dead-bolts with 8.5 cm projection.

  • Cylinders:

    solid brass, fixed internal cylinder, 55 mm fixed external cylinder, 7 pins. With case-hardened, tempered, copper and nickel-plated steel, pull-resistant external protection (armour) with anti-drill plate.

  • Keys:

    nickel-plated brass, supplied with 4 Viro Top Security profile nickel-plated brass keys (item 037).

  • Mechanism:
    • the pulling ratio is calculated in order to obtain 8.5 cm dead-bolt expansion with just one turn of the key;
    • the key can only be removed when fully turned to ensure absolutely perfect closure;
    • brass pins;
    • mushroom brass counterpins, pick-resistant;
    • phosphor bronze pin springs.
  • Supplied with:

    steel strikers with clamps to be walled and fixing screws.

  • Packaging:

    Personalized single box.

  • On request:
    • Standard length locking bar with armoured external cylinder with special dimensions (70, 80, 90 mm);
SPRANGA fixed locking bar

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