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VIRO M.A.C. Mobile Burglar Alarm Module

Innovative portable burglar-alarm module that can be installed in any Viro safe by the user. By inserting a SIM card in the module and sending a text message from your mobile phone, the module is enabled to send two types of messages: an information message when the safe door is opened (e.g. by a family member with the combination, fingerprint or key), and an alarm message when an attempt is being made to force the safe.

To know more

  • Thanks to its compact dimensions and to the easy installation with the supplied high retention bi-adhesive, VIRO M.A.C. can be installed also on doors, windows, drawers, counters, archives etc. An installer is not required, it is license fee free and can be programmed with a  message from your mobile phone.VIRO M.A.C. is more than an alarm, because it does not activate a siren, but silently warns you with a message, in order to catch  ill-intentioned people in the act!

  • Installation:

    inside any mechanical or electronic Viro safe, by means of a simple operation.

  • Power supply:

    4 alkaline 1.5 Volt batteries.

  • Frame:

    sturdy, lightweight and resistant to humidity. Personalized electronic adjustment and indicator LED confirming the various operations.

  • Activation:

    with cylinder and key (supplied with 2 nickel-plated brass keys with non-slip soft PVC covered head); or with activator push button or remote control (optional).

  • Operation:
    • insert a SIM card in the module;
    • send a text from your mobile phone to the card number;
    • fix the module inside the safe;
    • activate the module when leaving the house;
    • if the safe is opened while you are out by anyone (e.g. a family member) who knows the combination or has the key, the module will send a text informing you that the safe has been opened;
    • if, on the other hand, anyone tries to force the safe while you are out, the sophisticated movement sensor of the M.A.C. detects the break-in attempt and sends an alarm text so you can decide to return home and/or call for help.
  • Supplied with:

    parts for fixing the module inside the safe, a blister pack of 4 alkaline 1.5V batteries, a clear and detailed instruction booklet.

  • Packaging:

    personalized single box, which can also be hung up vertically.

  • On request:

    M.A.C. version with remote control (item 8199) for remote activation.

VIRO M.A.C. Mobile Burglar Alarm Module




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  4399Viro "M.A.C." Mobile Burglar Alarm ModuleBlack6901
  8199Receiver + remote control for remote activation1151