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Safes and safety cabinets

"PRIVACY" mechanical safes with UNI EN 14450 certification
Free standing - mechanical S1 grade certified lock
  • Case: in thick steel:
    • 2 mm (for wall version);
    • 3 mm (for free standing version).
    Fixing holes (only for free standing version): 4 pre-drilled Ø 9.5 mm on the back and 4 through Ø 10.5 mm holes on the bottom, for installation with expansion plugs in a cabinet or in the wall.
  • Fins (only for wall version): "L" shaped folded fins on all rear sides, to increase resistance to attack.
  • Frame: 10 mm thick steel. Specially rebated reinforced steel around the entire frame perimeter to increase resistance to attack. The frame forms a one-piece body with the case, thanks to the sturdy welding around the entire perimeter.
  • Door: 10 mm thick steel, banded on the hinge side for better pull-resistance. Minimum space between door and frame to prevent insertion of burglary tools.
  • Hinges: 20 mm side reinforced steel, fixed with Ø 8 mm steel pins.
  • Dead-bolts: Ø 20 mm nickel-plated steel, horizontal and vertical, rotating and resistant to attack.
  • Keys: supplied with 2 nickel-plated brass double bit keys (item 1.077).
  • Mechanism:
    • keys removable only when the door is closed;
    • high-security triple expansion 8 gorges steel lock, complies with class B of the UNI EN 1300 standard, i.e. equipped with dummy anti-tampering notches and with a minimum of 100,000 combinations;
    • 2 mm thick manganese plate protecting the lock and the horizontal dead-bolts.
  • Supplied with: 1 mm thick painted steel removable shelf.
  • Packaging: personalized single box.
  • On request (photos and details of the accessories):
    • inside lighting module (item 1.4383.0312) that lights up when the door is opened, for easy identification of small items inside the safe.