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Armoured gun cabinets with double bit key

This cabinet can hold up to 12 guns and thanks to the thick armour and the high-security mechanism it is the ideal solution for gun owners looking for maximum protection.

  • Case: 3 mm thick steel in compliance with UNI EN 10139 standard. 8 mm thick steel frame welded to the case. Rounded edges to avoid abrasions. 8 open fixing holes: 4 on the rear and 4 on the base, Ø 12 mm, for fixing to the wall with expansion plugs and to the floor.
  • Door: 6 mm thick steel, rebated on three sides, replaceable, protected on the hinge side for pull-resistance. Door back cover: 2 mm thick steel.
  • Hinges: 6 mm thick bended steel plates fixed to the frame and the door with case-hardened and tempered steel pins Ø 8 mm.
  • Dead-bolts: case-hardened, tempered, copper and nickel-plated steel, rotating, resistant to attack, with double guides: 2 horizontal Ø 25 mm and 2 vertical Ø 25 mm.
  • Keys: supplied with 2 nickel-plated steel double bit keys (item 1.077).
  • Mechanism:
    • keys removable only when the door is closed;
    • high-security triple expansion 8 gorges steel lock, complies with class B of the UNI EN V 1300 standard, i.e. equipped with dummy anti-tampering notches and with a minimum of 100,000 combinations;
    • 2 mm thick manganese plate protecting the lock and the horizontal dead-bolts.
  • Supplied with: high concentration and scratchproof polyethylene gun housing and rack.
  • Packaging: single box.
  • On request (photos and details of the accessories):
    • inside lighting module (item 1.4383.0312) that lights up when the safety box is opened, for easy identification of small items inside;
    • digital weather station (item 4450.0315) for weather forecasts and lunar calendar.

Safety box for ammunition/valuables with
Fai by Viro chrome-plated zamak lock with 2 nickel-plated brass keys.

High concentration and scratch-proof polyethylene gun housing and rack (increased in thickness, that provides the perfect setting of single or double-barreled rifles, even with optical).

Armoured gun cabinets with double bit key

Item No.
Equipped with External
height x width x depth
height x width x depth
4483.T 12 Gun housings 150 x 56.4 x 40 130 x 55.8 x 33.4 138.4 0.38